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Top BPT Colleges in Uttarakhand Admission 2021-22 Fees & Placement

A Physiotherapist is the one who cures patients by bringing back movement in their physical form. People who are unable to re-attain full-body movement or body functions are curable with the help of a Physiotherapist. In this era of highly increasing physical disorders and diseases, the need for Physiotherapists is growing gradually. Therefore, we have brought you the collection of Top BPT Colleges In Uttarakhand.

Physiotherapists are required to make close but friendly contact with their patients. Shyness can't make things roll out for them. These in the list mentioned colleges below are some of the most recognized colleges, which will help you in gaining knowledge and experience required to be a perfect Physiotherapist. A Physiotherapist needs patience and peace, almost the same as a doctor, that's why for students, these colleges didn't make any sacrifices in terms of quality of infrastructure. High range infrastructure with expected placement background, are top-notch reasons why these colleges are on the list of best colleges offering BPT and Medical Studies. 

You are advised to read this article up to last. There is much more information available under the list of colleges, like:-

  • Eligibility Criteria for BPT Courses
  • Career Opportunities after completing BPT 
  • The salary you can expect to earn after BPT
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Top BPT Colleges In Uttarakhand | List Updated 2021

Eligibility Criteria to pursue BPT Courses in Uttarakhand

The essential eligibility criteria to pursue BPT course from colleges of Uttarkhand:-

  • Minimum 50% of marks is necessary for 12th science stream student, from a recognized board. 
  • Hospitals prefer BPT graduates to BSc. Graduates for this field.
  • A candidate with a one-year diploma in Physiotherapy can also pursue the course of BPT.
  • The person willing to opt for mastery in the Physiotherapy course should be prepared for at least two years.

Career Opportunities after Bachelor in Physiotherapy from top BPT Colleges in Uttarakhand

There are many establishments available for the person graduate through studies of Physiotherapy:-

  • Mental Health Centres
  • Community Health Centres
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Care Centres
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Sports Clinics
  • Fitness Centres
  • The Institute of the Physically Handicapped
  • Government Hospitals
  • Teaching Centres and Establishments
  • Defense and Security Establishments
  • Private Clinic Establishments

Several surveys brought results that Urban sectors are infamous for almost every kind of imaginable ache. At least one physiotherapist is required to treat a bunch of 1000 people, and only 5000 of professionals are currently available. This ratio clearly denotes the high demand for physiotherapists in the nation. 

Salary Structure

Employees working as a physiotherapist in hospitals can expect a salary of around 5k-10k per month, but there is obviously a chance for them to earn about 1500/day. Though, salaries of Physiotherapist varies from institution, sector, location and experience of course. The average Physiotherapist's salary ranges between Rs74,190 to Rs 6,02,002, according to

These Top BPT colleges in Uttarakhand are worth considering if you are looking to pursue graduation in Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Expert researchers handpick these colleges of Uttarakhand so that students can avail all the information from

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2021-22

Ques: Is BPT difficult?

Ans: BPT is all about gaining both theoretical, as well as practical knowledge. However, it requires a more systematic approach and focuses on studies, but it is said to be quite more interesting than usual studies. 

Ques: How much Physiotherapist earn in India?

Ans: Physiotherapists employed in a particular hospital or clinic may receive less amount, as much up to 10k-15k per month, but in private practice, they can demand a fee around INR 1500 per session. Though the salaries of Physiotherapists also depends on their organization, experience, sector where they provide services, locality, etc. However, annually, physiotherapists earn approx 5-6 lacs on average.

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