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Top mass communication colleges in dehradun admission, fees & placement 2019-20

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In the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in terms of communication. Those days are gone forever; when you had to use bulky types of equipment for spreading a message, because whether it’s information or a rumor, anything can be spread in no time. Because of such fast paced growth in terms of communication and connection, the government of India and many private corporate have opened their arms for offering a vast number of stable jobs. To make this opportunity fruitful, you can check out the Top Mass Communication Colleges In Dehradun. Until you pursue a dynamic career in Mass Communication, these colleges aren't going to leave your side for sure.

Mass Communication and Journalism is the type of industry in which a person requires specific skills and endeavor to make a benefitting career. Otherwise, there is no such career field, where there is no cut-throat competition. For the survival of such a tough game at domestic as well as International level, students are in need to use up-to-date and quality pieces of equipment. The best part about these mass media colleges is that they don't like to compromise in terms of quality while proffering the tools and equipment to their students. Top-notch Infrastructure, high-quality cameras, lights, and all the required stuff for Mass Communication skills practicing are available in satisfactory amounts in these colleges.

If you are looking to pursue mass communication in Dehradun, then it won't be helpful if you miss these top mass communication colleges in Dehradun.

Top Mass Communication Colleges In Dehradun | Fresh List 2020

Eligibility Criteria for Admission In Mass Communication

Although the Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Mass Communication varies from college to college, but below-mentioned factors are usually common:-

  • Undergraduate Courses: The majority of Undergraduate courses in Mass-Communication & Journalism require Successfully completion of 10+2 with a recognized board.
  • Post Graduate Courses: The age of the candidate should be below 30 years with a graduation degree in hand from a specified university is a must.

Career & Job Prospects

As the industry is doing quite brilliant for itself, it is also bringing opportunities and vacancies for students daily. 

From writing to editing a whole production video, there are numerous activities to perform. Students can choose a particular area or point according to their interests and can pursue it further for much knowledge and experience. This industry is all about - More Experience = More Remuneration(Salary). Here are various Job profiles offered to graduates after completion of the course from above mentioned. 

 Top Mass Communication Colleges In Dehradun:-

  • Film Director
  • Sound Engineer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Special Correspondent
  • Sound Recorder and Mixer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Radio Jockey
  • Video Jockey
  • Producer
  • Assistant Director and Producer
  • Screen-Writer
  • Editor
  • Art Director
  • Event Manager
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Cartoonist
  • Critic
  • Illustrator
  • Photo-Journalist

Besides Mass Communication and Entertainment Industry, aspirants can also look for job opportunities and placements in these below-mentioned sectors:-

  • Circulation and Public Relations
  • AIR- All India Radio
  • Journals
  • Central Information Service
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • News Agencies
  • Press Information Bureau
  • TV & News Channels
  • Radio Telecasting Companies
  • Website Periodicals and Magazines
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Newspapers
  • Books and Blogs
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Blogging and Content Writing Agencies
  • Broadcasting Corporations
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

Salary/Pay Scale

If there are job opportunities, then there is also hardcore competition prevailing in this industry. There is an uncountable majority of talented people in this industry, but some of the well-paid jobs like Journalist, Actor, Director, RJ, VJ, Producer, Screenwriter, an editor are available to the trained/experienced & talented individuals. After 5-6 years of experience in Mass Communication, an individual can expect the payscale around 50k-100000 per month.

Above mentioned Top Mass Communication Colleges In Dehradun, while training students, also try to place them in the industry. It's quite obvious that students get placed after practicing their skills up-to at least an intermediate level. But the chances of getting a job straight after graduation increases, if the student is passionate about the field of interest & has the will to learn more.

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