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Scope of Corporate Communication, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • Communication between people has become the most vital aspect in today’s businesses. For efficient business, communication is vital, not only between the client and company personnel but also between the managers and staff members.
  • Without communication there cannot be proper co-ordination. All concepts, reports, implementations and even monitoring of all activities must be done through communication. 
  • Before the world of internet and technological advancement communication to the staff members and clients were done through bulletins and internal memorandum and press releases. Now gone are those days when an internal memo or press release via medium and now each communication is being done through mobile texts and electronic mails which are accessed on the go at any place in the world. 
  •  Stakeholders, Shareholders, CEOS are all able to share instant information about the company via mass communication
  • Many may confuse corporate communication with public relations but one does not realize, that public relations, is a part of corporate communication
  • Corporate communication can therefore be divided into two major divisions:
  1. Internal communication
  2. External communication.
  • Under Internal Communication, all communication between each member of the company is considered to be internal communication, starting from communication by the CEO to his secretary, managers to their sub-ordinates, to accounts and marketing strategies all conferences, meetings, presentations, memorandums, emails, texts, group discussions, every word relating to the company affairs between its employer and employees is considered to be internal.
  • External communication deals with the communication with the mass at large, this includes public relations and customer relations which includes prospective investors as well. External communication deals with the promotion and advertisements relating to the company and its dealings.
  • As there is no separate degree or course in Corporate Communications as a career, the candidate has to complete their 10+2 in any stream, though a commerce background with economics and accounting aid the candidate better. 
  • For undergraduate courses like any stream can be pursued but preferably a degree in business administration, marketing, mass media, advertising and accounts enables the candidate in the said field. 
  • There is a growth in the field of multinational companies, communication is important to be a great team leader. A lot of aspects ride on great communication skills. From branding to marketing, to maintaining sub-ordinates to answering to superiors, to resolving client issues to ensuring services on time, communication is what is required to be a manager.
  • Every corporate house which include multi-national companies, media houses, public relations managements, advertising agencies, event management, require people who have the knack to present issues and handle events under immense pressure.
  • Government organizations require people who can represent ideas and issues.
  • Non-government organizations require people who can present the organization for the purpose of getting funds for the running of the business.
  • Consultancy firms always require a person who has great corporate communication skills.

To be a brand manager, one must have few basic skills. They are as follows:

  • The person should of course have very good communication skills but along with that an amiable and friendly personality is required.
  • Data analyzing and in-depth business knowledge is required
  • Making presentations, business pitches, working on strategies
  • Maintaining various people and supervising different teams towards a common goal.
  • The person should be a team player.
  • As a manger, one must be creative, constructive and collected.
  • Must possess excellent administrative skills
  • Must be aware of the legalities which are involved with the company
  • Must know how to deal with public relations, media contacts, clients, investors and the main management
  • Must know how to communicate strategizes and showcase their usage in the development of the company.
  • Must ensure the smooth running and functioning of each department and prevent miscommunications between teams involved in the same project.
  • There is no such separate course or degree for pursuing Corporate Communication. After completing 10+2, a bachelor degree preferably in marketing, mass communication, business, advertising or public relations can be pursued and thereafter specialized courses like media management or marketing communications can enable a candidate to pursue Corporate Communication.

A candidate who is interested in corporate communication must understand what comes with a corporate job:

  • As the job deals with communication, one must have very good communication skills both verbally and orally.
  • A corporate job deals with people and a friendly yet professional attitude is required
  • The corporate job means becoming a team leader or trying to be the team leader and for that one must have leadership skills.
  • The candidate must be willing to learn and be open to new ideas and should be able to segregate between relevant and irrelevant.
  • Decision making skills are essential in a corporate job
  •  There should be attention to detail and organizational works
  • There is a lot of coordination which is required in managing teams and patience to deal with different types of teams and co-ordinate with each so as to avoid confusion is a talent which is quite necessary
  • Must have the ability to deal with critical issues and crisis with immediate effect. 
  • There needs to be an overall understanding of the dealings of the project and company which the manager is representing.
  • Corporate Communication is a flourishing career option. Various job opportunities are there in this field. 
  • A fresher can get a salary approx. Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/- per month.
  • If someone is in academic line, then they get the remuneration as per UGC guidelines.
  • A corporate manager who has experience in turning around a company can earn in incentives.
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