Scope of Editor, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • Journals, Magazines, Cartoons, Films are enjoyed all across the gender and ages. An editor is someone who Plans the content of the Media Houses. It is Editor who allocates space for texts, images, and digital media according to space parameters of publication house while also mindful with ethics & Media laws. Finding marketable ideas and presenting them to audience are the responsibilities of editor. 
  • A successful publication or program involves many stages and processes. Editors are hired in Multimedia industries such as, Television Channels, Radio Networks, Animation and Film industries, Advertising Agencies for the crucial role in the editing process to produce a correct and consistent editing.

The course runs along 4 or 6 semesters and is specifically divided into modules, such as:

  • Voice Culture
  • Media Laws & Ethics
  • Communication 
  • Print Media & Communication 
  • Computer Applications 
  • Internships & Projects

Diploma courses: Diploma courses are taken for the duration of one year after 12th in any stream. The list of diploma courses:

  • Diploma Course in Development Journalism
  • Diploma In Digital Video Production
  • Diploma In Video editing
  • Diploma In Video editing and Sound Recording
  • Diploma in Videography
  • Diploma in 3D animation Courses and VFX
  • Diploma In Digital Film Making

Degree courses: Degree courses are taken the duration of three years after 12th in any stream. The list of degree courses:

  • B.A Degree Film Making and Recording Arts
  • B.Sc Mass Communication and Videography
  • Certificate Courses:
  • Certificate Course in Video editing and Sound Recording
  • Certificate Course in Cinematography
  • Certificate Course in Mass Communication and Video Production
  • Certificate Course in Professional Video Editing With Final Cut Pro
  • Certificate Course in Video Production


  • The approximate expense of the Course from a good institute is round about 2 lakh INR in Graduate program, and about 150,000 INR for Diploma Courses
  • Editing firms generally employs a team of in-house editors. Such firms are able to handle editing in a wide range of topics and genres, depending on the skills of individual editors. The services provided by these editors may be varied and can include proof reading, copy editing, online editing etc. Largely, the whole media industry requires editor as in newspapers, in Magazines, in tv houses, in films etc.
  • Most employers require significant work experience before they will consider you for an editor position. Many editors start their careers as writers or reporters, and slowly work their way up to an editor position as their careers progresses.
  • A programme/publication needs a good script, which acts as a base for the entire show to run successfully. Thus Editor must be skilled at identifying good stories, recognizing writing talent, interacting with writers & Team skills. It is he who while being mindful of the audience plans the content of digital media and publications. So it’s useful to have a good mix of creative and technical skills, such as:  
  1. Active Listening
  2. Business Storytelling
  3. Persuasive
  4. Public Relations
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Teamwork & Time Management
  7. Understanding Data and Metrics
  8. Multitasking and presentation skills
  9. a good eye for detail;
  10. an engagement with the industry
  11. Leadership or Team skills
  • Student can learn via working on their high school and college newspapers, for radio and television stations, advertising and publishing companies, or for nonprofit organizations. Magazines and newspapers also have internships for student is another way to get experience exposure and prepares them in the Editorial field.
  • Nowadays, familiarity with Technical aspects of operating in electronic publishing, graphic, Web design, and multimedia production is important as well, because more and more material is being read online.
  • As more media center are opening up with growth in production houses and so, good editors are in a huge demand all across the Media industry. Be it journals, newspapers, magazines, cartoon films, computer games or advertisements and what not, the scope is immense! 
  • Candidates can opt for further studies in Post Graduate and Doctoral programs, Such as:
  • After 10+2, students in all streams of schooling can pursue the courses in the field of animation like Diplomas, Degrees provided by various media houses and institutions after clearing Entrance examination which is held all across our country.

An Editor is an artist in the world of publishing, computer and television Media who designs plans, coordinates, and revises material for publication in books, newspapers, magazines, or websites. Editors review story ideas and decide what material will appeal most to readers and offer comments to improve the product, and suggest titles and headlines to the products.

  • Typical responsibilities of the job include:
  • Reading content andTechnical editing
  •  for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Rewrite copy to make it easier for readers to understand
  • Verify facts using standard reference sources
  • Evaluate submissions from writers to decide what to publish
  • Work with writers to help their ideas and stories succeed
  • Plan the content of digital media and publications
  • Business Storytelling
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Teamwork & Time Management
  • Multitasking and presentation skills
  • An engagement with the industry
  • Develop story and content ideas while being mindful of the audience
  • Approve final versions submitted by staff
  • Creating script and narrative;
  • Higher pay for this job are owed to writing, Project Management, Web Content Management, and Technical Writing. The interns get between 1.2 to 2 lakh usually. A good portfolio of excellent work could easily get Rs. upto 6 lakh per annum
  • The approx salary in this industry is about 2 lakh to 4 lakh per annum. The average pay for an Editor is Rs 349,175 per year.
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