• TV Anchoring/Broadcasting is the presenting information or entertainment in an accessible and attractive way to a large section of masses.
  • The nature of the job varies according to a program’s subject such as news, weather, sport, music, lifestyle. It involves tele calling or video calling reporters, introducing and interviewing special guests and interacting with the audience when hosting a program. may also engage in commentary about various community issues and conduct interviews and ask such questions that are relevant to public. of key figures
  •  A broadcast presenter is the public face, or voice, of program’s broadcast on television, radio or the internet. They work on a variety of platforms including, such as News stations (Radio, TV, Web), sports & entertainment channels etc. Occasionally, they are employed by the hospitality industry.
  • The emergence of new media (Social networking sites, News websites etc) within & outside in broadcasting has created new opportunities. To get offer as a freelance anchor, it is important that you build your reputation promote yourself as a business. Making contacts with related people in industry is important. 
  • Pre entry route or educational route: A degree or associate degree is not the guarantee to success, yet it is often required to get senior positions and often helps in the competitiveness.
  • Direct entry route: Based on employer's training schemes or competition schemes
  • Step by Step easy approach: You may start out in print journalism, try radio opportunities and then television opportunities as and when they occur, and enter in competitions that are held in search of aspiring broadcast presenters.

Training and development

  • Mostly Anchors enter through pre entry route. You would learn mainly on job to gain practical experience.
  • Internships or volunteering in an entry-level position such as a Runner, Broadcast assistant or Program researcher helps you familiarize with technical equipment, such as microphones or recording equipment and formats for programs.
  • It is important that you take part in event organizations by T.V. & Radio Networks, have presence across online platforms.

Employment opportunities or employers

  • News T.V Stations (Local & national)
  • News Radio Stations (Local & national)
  • Web platforms
  • Broadcasting Industry in General, such as: cable, satellite and digital channel
  • Independent production companies who work on a commissions
  • Self promoting by online presence you tube, News websites
  • Unique style of performing 
  • Chatting skills & clear voice
  • Public speaking
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Confidence and persistence
  • Personable and Confident manner
  • Ability to generate new ideas
  • Experience using popular social websites
  • Outgoing personality
  • Entertaining & Strong personality
  • Good sense of Media laws
  • Taking initiatives and making quick decisions
  • Multitasking Organizing & Team Spirit
  • The BLS has reported that employment for these professionals is expected to decline by about 2% between 2021 and 2022, with declining news viewership or advertising revenue. This is a highly competitive industry and continuing professional development is important if you want to keep up and progress. The new media (Social networking sites, News websites etc) has emerged within & out in broadcasting.
  • You may begin with local radio or in minor roles on television or start thoug

    Contrary to general idea, that broadcast presenters only come from Journalism or Mass Communication studies, you may pursue broadcasting choice, even if you have degree or Certificates in Drama & Performing arts or in modeling background or in radio jockey. It is according to the type of program and broadcast medium

    A degree or an associate degree will give you the technical skills, background knowledge. It may help develop skill and get easy placement. General eligibility for these course is 10+2in any stream
    Degree courses:

    • Bachelor of Acting Film and Television.
    • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.
    • B.A (Honours) in Fashion Media Communication.
    • Bachelor of Mass communication.

    Certificate Course:

    • Certificate course in Acting & Presentation.
    • Certificate course (Acting/Choreography

    Diploma Courses:

    • Advance Diploma in Mass Communication.
    • Diploma in Print, Broadcast & Multimedia journalism.
    • Diploma in Acting.
    • Diploma in Acting & Drama.

    Common course topics:

    • Editing & News writing 
    • Broadcast production
    • Multimedia communications
    • Persuasive argument
    • Live Television Broadcasting
    • Television News production
    • Public speaking & Media ethics.
    • Computer Skills
    • Personality improvement

    Cost of the course:

    • Generally you need to invest about 2 to 3 lakh INR.
    1. TV Anchor has specialization in specific News or entertainment services, such as: Sport or Health or Politics or other. The job is highly competitive in metro cities and you will need to have enthusiasm, persistence and a proactive approach. Most work is based in a radio or television studio, but may also include outside broadcasts.
    2. Presenters work much longer than the actual broadcast hours. They may be involved in researching topics, writing & memorizing scripts, rehearsing shows, and planning & working with the production and technical teams. After the broadcast is successfully reviewed with the broadcast team, the same process is repeated planning for the next show. 

    Activities in general (Prior,During and After)

    • Researching & Organizing 
    • Delivering News Stories on Camera improvising where necessary
    • Keeping in contact with the director and production team 
    • To ensure program run smooth- responding positively and quickly to problems or changes, and improvising where necessary 
    • Introducing, interviewing and hosting program guests in the studio, by telephone or on location
    • Reading short news, traffic, sport or weather reports;
    • Providing links between program
    • Station & Community Appearances

    Working hrs and conditions

    • Often they work long and unusual hours involving early mornings, evenings or weekends in all weather conditions and should be ready to travel at calls instantly. Their work environs may include comfortable air-conditioned studios or outdoors in hot, loud and smoky environments. 
    • Broadcast Presenters are likely to spend some time research current events, preparing scripts, travelling to venues prior to presenting a story. Working hours & conditions for TV anchors may vary depending on news or feature story coverage, such as news, weather, sport, music, lifestyle. They may work in air-conditioned studios or occasionally at outdoor events
    • It depends on the broadcast medium (Radio or TV) and type of program or if it is prime time show. Salaries vary enormously, depending on whether the broadcaster is working full time or working freelance on an ad-hoc basis. 
    • Good track record and experience is a significant help in negotiating an increase in fees. Successful or celebrity presenters earn significantly higher salaries. Salaries are usually higher in TV than radio.
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