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Scope of Sports Presenter, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • Passion is driver of sports. Success in sport at any level depends a lot on how enthusiastic you are about learning new things, achieving your targets, progressing to higher levels of your sport etc. Looking globally at this industry and its progression into the future, thinking of entering or investing, these can't be ignored. Companies and investors are really trying to cracking the code of even deeper fan engagement. And this has been successful. There are ample avenues in sports with the ongoing boom in the sporting events like IPL, World cups etc and rise of new Sport channels.
  • A multitude of path exists within Media Broadcast such as Sports Presenter. These broadcast presenters work on a variety of platforms: national, regional, satellite and cable television, online or radio. 
  • The presentation is either on air or recorded. Sports Presenters are very actively engaged and presenting information and/or entertainment in an accessible and attractive way. It is their job to introducing and interviewing guests and interacting with the audience & make the sports success
  • Pre entry route or educational route: Since, there is a great deal of competition for on-air and writing positions, so a degree or associate degree is not the guarantee of success, yet it is often helpful in sharpening the skills.
  • Direct entry route: There is no direct entry route to this profession. You always start as an associate presenter. Though, you can move from print journalism to broadcast Journalism.

Employment opportunities or employers

  • Local sports club
  • Television Networks
  • Radio station 
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines.

Training and development

  • Mostly Journalists enter through pre entry route. Often starting in the studio as assistance to receive some in house training in using recording and editing equipment and later get progress to the live or recording sports presentation. You would learn mainly on the job to gain practical experience. Start at college, market or local radio station.
  • Research ability &curiosity
  • Excellence communication and motivation
  • Good quality of face expression 
  • Chatting skills & clear voice 
  • Entertaining & Strong personality
  • Good sense of timing 
  • Unique style of performing 
  • Creative approach to generate story ideas
  • Accuracy and Attentiveness
  • Interviewer skills and listening
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Multitasking Organizing workload & Time management ability
  • You may start as an associate in radio networks or television networks and get promoted to lead By getting in touch with sports industry and with your mouth of words you get new contracts.. With your reputation you may move to national or national networks. You can start your own sporting institution.
  •  You can also earn through blogging options.You can choose to move into program making and producing or into management. As a successful sports presenter you will promote
    • A degree or an associate degree courses can only educate persons in the technical aspects, background knowledge and writing style to compose scripts. It may help develop communication and people’s skill. 

    General eligibility for the course is 10+2in any stream.

    • Degree courses:
    • BS in Sports Management
    • BS in Business Studies - Sport Management
    • BS Health Science
    • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

    Certificate Course:

    • Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication(C.J.M.C.) 
    • Certificate course in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing (ABCD)
    • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying

    Diploma Courses:

    • Diploma in Radio Jockeying
    • Diploma in Radio Programming & management (DRPM) Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (D.J.M.C.

    Common course topics:

    • Mass communication & digital photography
    • Reporting and copy editing
    • Principles of public relations and sports marketing
    • Sports media ethics and society
    • Sports journalism and reporting
    • Sports broadcasting and the Internet
    • Amateur and professional sports
    • Fundamentals of media law and ethics
    • Personality improvement
    • Sports presenter is generally associated with reporting, commentary and analysis, often in an on-air or writing role.. You’ll use your presentation skills to keep people engaged in the event you’re commentating on. You need to ensure that, commercial, interviews deliver properly and timed.  
    • Based on your area of specialization in sports, you will be researching sources such as internet, database, archives to get knowledge of the sporting club, venue, sport players. You will be outgoing, planning visiting sports venues to present news stories and factual programme to the audience
    • You will be directing camera crew, interviewing guests, writing scripts, web content and on social media to keep your audience engaged by commentating with excitement, enthusiasm and passion in your voice. It is essential that, the program run smooth, so there is need to interact & plan the event while working with production team and taking direction from an on-site producer at the event working with the on-site production team, such as sound engineers, advertisers, video production.

    Working hrs and conditions

    • Often they work irregular and unusual hours in all weather conditions and should be ready to travel at calls instantly. Their work environs may include comfortable air-conditioned studios or outdoors based on their career path as an indoor Sports Presenter or an outdoor Sports Presenter.
    • Sports Presenter are likely to spend some time preparing. They often visit the venue in advance and write scripts etc. to get knowledge of the sporting club, venue, sport players
    • The median salary is about 4 lakh INR per annum. During associate role you get about 2 lakh INR. Good track record and experience bring top salaries about 20 to 25 lakh INR per annum. Salaries are usually higher in tv than radio.
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