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Bsc Agriculture Private Colleges in Uttarakhand Admission 2020-21 Fees & Placement

One of the exclusive factors about private colleges is that if they charge you high, they also provide you the resources at the best level of a point.

The same thing goes for these B.Sc agriculture private colleges in Uttarakhand.

B.Sc agriculture is a huge in-demand course of 2019 and has the potential to grow much more in upcoming years. But these colleges of Uttarakhand don't just rely on assumptions. They believe in the best preparations for survival in the cut-throat competition of the industry.

B.Sc Agriculture is a demanding resource course, which means without proper supplies, tools, separate land, etc.you can't attain the best possible practical experience. Therefore, these colleges have already secured vast pieces of field lands, modern equipment & enough resources to fulfill the actual experience need of their students.

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List of best B.Sc Agriculture Private Colleges in Uttarakhand 2020| Most Secured Colleges 2020

Eligibility & Admission Process for B.Sc Agriculture Private Colleges in Uttarakhand

There are generally two ways to get admission in B.Sc Agriculture course:-

  • Some Universities allow admissions on the basis of marks scored in the qualifying examination. This method can also be said as the Direct Method.
  • But, the majority of Colleges or Institutes allow admission after conducting a separate entrance test.
  • Eligibility for admission in B.Sc Agriculture isn't that high. A student just needs to qualify 10+2 with 50% of aggregate marks in relevant science stream subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

B.Sc Agriculture Jobs for Fresher

Here are a bunch of jobs available for freshers after graduating from B.Sc Agriculture:-

  • Sales Officer
  • Agriculture Officer
  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Management Executive
  • Marketing Executive

Government & Private Jobs after B.Sc Agriculture from Private colleges of Uttarakhand

One can achieve a job in both the public and private sectors after B.Sc Agriculture. Here are some examples:-

Government Sector Jobs

  • Sales Officer
  • Program Manager
  • Agriculture Officer
  • Associate Manager
  • Subject Matter Specialist
  • Marketing Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Agricultural Lecturer
  • Primary Production Manager
  • Agro Portfolio Manager


Private Sector Jobs

  • Associate Manager
  • Subject Matter Specialist
  • Agro Science Researcher
  • Agro Thesis Maker
  • Project Manager
  • Project Marketeer
  • Agro Strategy leader
  • Agro Market Influencer
  • Agro Resources Manager
  • Stock Management Head
  • Intern in Agriculture Companies
  • Agro Analyst
  • Agriculture Accountant

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