“Is there any career options after 12th Science PCM other than engineering.” Here we discussed this big confusion through this blog.

After 12th most of us have a mindset that engineering is the only option after 12th PCM. If we have maths that means we become engineer only. But, it’s only a misconception at this modern time. Where there are no limitations of career options after 12th, either you’re from science PCM or PCB. You have plenty of career options after 12th science PCM, which you can choose as per your interest, not as per your stream.

Career Options After 12th Science PCM

After completing 12th every student of science PCM wants to aspire Engineering as a career. Even parents also see these fields as a safe zone and push their children to become an engineer. There is no doubt in India that every parent wants to make their child either a Doctor or Engineer. Students who have completed their 12th with Science stream especially keep under pressure to give many competitive exams like JEE or NEET to become Engineer and Doctor as their parents want.

But very few of them know that Science+PCM can give you plenty of options for a good career. Below we have mentioned and discussed these options in Details.

Top 5 Career Options After 12th Science PCM Except Engineering

1. Career in Architecture After 12th Science PCM

Whether it’s the architectural marvel such as Burj Khalifa or modern buildings like residential complexes, malls, restaurants, etc. they need architects with intensive planning and impeccable designing ability. If you have keen observational skills, a knack for efficient use of space, and an eye-for-detail you could easily make a career in Architecture. Some fields/profiles related to architecture you may go into are Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, etc.

Top Architecture Courses After 12th Science

  1. B. Arch
  2. M. Arch
  3. Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
  4. Ph.D in Architecture
  5. Diploma in Architecture Engineering
  6. Master of Landscape Architecture
  7. Ph.D in Landscape Architecture
  8. M. Arch – Urban Design

Architecture Colleges After 12th PCM

2. Career in Aviation After 12th Science PCM

A perfect mix of science, technology and travel aviation is a career for you would like to fly high. You can become a Commercial Pilot and work with international or regional airlines or can go in other fields/profiles such as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and work with domestic airlines, airport authorities and aircraft manufacturing firms etc.

Top Aviation Courses 

  1.  B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  3. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  4. B.Sc Aeronautical Engineering
  5. Diploma in Airport Management Services
  6. B.Sc. – Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  7. Diploma in Cabin Crew

Aviation Colleges

3. Ethical Hacking Career After 12th PCM

As per its name, Ethical Hacking is an exciting and off-beat career becoming popular very fast. Ethical Hackers supposed to find faults in the system’s defenses, fight malicious counterparts and stop them attempt to breach the security of a computer system. As an ethical hacker, you can work as a Network Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, and Security Consultant etc.

Top Ethical Colleges

  1. Indian School of Ethical Hacking (ISOEH), Kolkata
  2. Institute of Ethical Hacking and Forensics, Odisha
  3. Arizona Infotech, Pune
  4. Quest Institute of Knowledge (QUIK), Mumbai
  5. Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker

4. Career In Defence & Merchant Navy

If you have the zeal to serve the nation Defense would be the perfect career option for you. Support operations to maintain peach & do humanitarian work are their main work. Depending upon your choice you may select and after undergoing their entry and training procedures join between the Army, Navy, and Air-Force. You may also opt for a career in Merchant Navy, differ from the Indian Navy the Merchant Navy works to help international trade, by transporting cargo, goods, and commercial items across the countries.

5. Career In Forensic Science After 12th PCM

Forensic Science is maybe a new but growing sector in India. It collects evidence, document scientifically and analyzes them in their lab. If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you must have to be detail-oriented with great observational and investigative skills. You may work as a Forensic Toxicologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Ballistics Expert, Polygraph Examiner, Digital Forensics Expert, etc.

Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering

A student of science stream with a combination of PCM has a large number of courses after 12th science other than engineering. As many students get confused and didn’t get proper guidance we have researched and picked-up some beneficial courses which will lead you towards a successful career. They can opt for many other courses which are available for them and choose their career as they want.

Diploma Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering 

Apart from taking a Degree in Engineering, Students of PCM also have an option to pursue a 3-year Diploma in Engineering. Such as…

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Diploma
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  • Animation and Multimedia Diploma course
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Jewelry Designing Diploma
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Filmmaking, Video Production, and Editing

After completing a degree or diploma course of your choice you may go for higher studies in the respective stream to get more experience and become a professional.

Tell us if you have questions or how do you feel about the courses we’ve mentioned above? Leave a comment and our experts will be happy to help you!


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