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What To Do After 12th Commerce Without Maths, Courses, Career Options, Entrance Exam, and Jobs 

What to do after 12th commerce without maths? Are you seeking the answer to this question? I have seen lots of students who are confused to decide what to do after 12th commerce without maths. There are many professional courses that can be explored after 12th commerce without math. These courses have a good scope of high salary job opportunities with respectable profile growth. All these courses are totally Job Oriented. The most preferred are in the field of Airport Management, Hotel Management, Fashion Design, Animation, Mass Communication, Business Management, Paramedical, and many more. 

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If you have no Maths in class 12th then don't worry, because there are vast opportunities available in every field. There are many options available in courses after 12th Commerce without Maths for those students who have no maths with commerce in the 12th standard.  

After finishing the 10th, students can choose commerce without maths, which is followed by a choice of taking mathematics as an optional subject. It depends on students whether he/she is willing to take mathematics along with commerce or not. However, it does not make any difference as there are many courses for commerce without maths.

Top 10 Courses After 12th commerce without Maths

Here we have mentioned a list of Top 10 Courses After 12th commerce without maths. Students can through this list choose their desired course and take admission.

  1. B.Com- Bachelor of Commerce
  2. BBA
  3. Bachelor of Law
  4. BMS- Bachelor of Management studies
  5. CA
  6. CS- Company secretary
  7. Bachelor of Foreign Trade
  8. BBA in Travel and Tourism Management
  9. BBA in Event Management
  10. BHMCT

Why Student Choose Commerce Courses Without Maths?

There are many reasons due to which students choose courses for commerce without maths after 12th. One is that mathematics is not a strong subject. Second, some students are not comfortable with mathematics equations. Another reason might be they are willing to build their career in areas that do not require mathematics. So once they get an option of leaving math in 12th they leave for further studies.

Some students are very clear about what they wanted to become or which career they wanted to choose, they plan their subject preference accordingly. If they find out that maths doesn’t play any role in their preferred career option so they leave math and do 12th commerce without math.

List Of Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths 2020

Here are the best courses after 12th commerce without maths. One can pick any of the courses as per their choice and make a successful career. There are numerous career options for commerce students when it comes to making a firm career choice.

Course NameDurationNo. Of Colleges Offering
B.Com - Office Management & Secretarial Practices3 Years2 Colleges 
Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)3 Years614 Colleges 
B.Com. (Professional)3 Years43 Colleges
Bachelor of Commerce ( Hons.) 3 Years227 Colleges 
B.Com - Foreign Trade Management3 Years9 Colleges
B.com (Accounting and Finance)3 Years19 Colleges 
B-Com (Financial Market)3 Years6 Colleges
B.Com. - Computer Applications3 Years 66 Colleges
B.Com (E-Commerce)3 Years3 Colleges 
B.Com - Business Administration3 Years7 Colleges 
B.Com (Hons.) - Office Management & Secretarial Practices3 Years1 College 
B.Com - Insurance Management3 Years3 Colleges 
BCom (Hons.) - Company Secretaryship3 Years1 College
B.Com (Hons.) Computer Applications and E-Business3 Years 2 Colleges
B-Com (Computerized Accounting)3 Years4 Colleges
B.Com - Marketing3 Years3 Colleges 
B.Com - Banking Management3 Years 5 Colleges
BCom (Hons.) + Diploma In Business Management3 Years1 College 
B-Com (E-Commerce and Digital Marketing)3 Years 1 College
B.com + M.Com (Bachelor of Commerce + Master of Commerce)5 Years3 Colleges
B.Com - Banking & Finance3 Years2 Colleges 
B.Com. - Information Technology3 Years2 Colleges 
BCom - Taxation3 Years8 Colleges
BCom - Banking and Insurance3 Years7 Colleges
B.Com. (Economics)3 Years4 Colleges 
B.Com. in Financial Management3 Years2 Colleges
B.Com (Hons)- in Banking and Financial Accounting3 Years1 College 
B-Com - Applied Economics3 Years3 Colleges
B.Com (Hons.) - Cost & Management Accounting3 Years1 College 
B.Com Hons +MBA (Dual Degree)5 Years2 Colleges 


Myths About Career Options  After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Science or Art students may have clarity in their minds that what they have to do after 12th. But commerce stream students always confused especially those who don't take maths in 12th Class. These Guys may don't have any clear perception that what career option they have to choose after completing their intermediate. Many students feel that if they will do commerce without Math, then they may not be able to get the right job profile in the future. Most of the time I find this myth in Students, that career option in commerce courses after 12th without maths is less.

Through this blog, we really want to remove this misconception and provide a clear image that students can make their best career even after doing 12th commence without maths. There are many courses in which you don't need commerce with math. Like if you want to do CA, CMA, Banking, Business Management, Banking & Insurance, students don’t need commerce with math for making a career in these kinds of job profiles.

There are some other non-commerce courses like Aviation, Mass Communication, Law, Animation which students can explore depending on their own interest level.


There are many students, who don’t have any idea that which courses they can choose after 12th commerce without maths. Many just know only about BCom, CA, CS, BCom (Hons). Many of them are not interesting in doing B.Com without maths and CA courses. They are keen to explore other available options apart from the traditional courses. Here we are listing down the sector-wise available options, which a commerce student can choose after 12th.

1) Hotel Management Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Hotel Management Course is one the booming sector offering, It offers a bunch of job opportunities for all stream students. Commerce students can also find a suitable career profile in the hotel industry. The basic skill required to be in hotel management has excellent communication skills. If u have a good command of language then you can be most fitted in the hotel industry. The rest of the professional skills can be attained by joining specialized courses that give you in-depth knowledge of the subject & Job profile.

Course Name Duration
B.SC - Hotel Management3 Years
BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)3 Years
BBA - Hotel Management3 Years
MBA in Hotel Management2 Years
B.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology3 Years

Top Hotel Management Colleges

Job Opportunities In Hotel Management

The hotel industry requires multiple people to run the entire administration. It has many operations like Front desk office, Bar manager, restaurant services, Housekeeping, booking offer, Chief, Food quality manager. If you have done any of the specialized courses from top colleges then you will have mutable opportunities. The average starting salary one can get after doing bachelor courses is around 25-35k, once your experience grows you can earn approx 50-60k per month.

2) Aviation Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Aviation courses are very dynamic in nature it has many opportunities such as air hostess, cabin crew, Front office, Ground staff management in which a commerce student can easily adjust. Students having a good command of soft skills can easily grab a lot of opportunities.

Course NameDuration
BBA in Aviation3 Years
MBA in Aviation Management2 Years
B.Sc. in Aviation3 Years
MBA in Airport Management2 Years
M.SC - Aviation2 Years

Top Aviation Colleges In India

Job Opportunities in Aviation

Aviation sector giving double-digit growth in India. There is a phenomenal growth in terms of people traveling by year in the last 5 years. India will become the 3rd largest country in the world in the aviation industry. This sector can produce a lot of jobs to the youngster down in five years. The approx salary for fresher is between Rs 15-25k, an experienced person can expect the salary of Rs 35-50k per month.

3) Fashion Designing Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

The Fashion designing course is one of the most glamorous sectors which attracts all stream students. Students can find a lot of career prospects in this sector after the 12th. If your creative & innovative in your thought process and try new experiments on your look & dresses then this is the one sector that can suit you the best. Now fashion has extended in many directions. Fashion designing is not limited to cloths, you can become the interior designer, footwear designer, jewelry designer and so on. So if you are looking forward to making your career in this sector it’s going to be a good decision.

Course Name Duration 
B. SC. - Fashion Designing3 Years
Bachelor of Design3 Years
B.SC - Interior Design3 Years
B.Des in Fashion Design3 Years
M.Sc in Fashion Designing2 Years

Top Fashion Designing Colleges

Job Opportunities in Fashion Designing

There are many opportunities in the fashion industry, one can become a dress designer, interior designer, jewelry designer. The initial salary in this sector is between Rs 35-50k as your experience grows one can earn approx Rs 1-2 lakh per month. If you are highly talented & innovative you can start your own dress designer boutique and can earn up to lakhs per annum.

4) Animation & Multimedia Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Animation & multimedia course is going to generate the most number of jobs in the coming 5 years. Changing technology-forcing corporate to change their communication style. Through Animation & Multimedia lot of innovation can be added to the communication. We all know the different cartoon characters like Chota Bhim, Motu & Patlu. They all are born through animation only. There many courses which students can join after 12th with any stream. There are degree & diploma courses available in Web design, Graphic designing, Gaming, VFX, 3D animation, Game development, etc, which can be joined directly after 12th. These courses can provide you with the best career opportunities in the future.

Course Name Duration 
B.Sc. - Animation and Multimedia3 Years
Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia Technology3 Years
M.sc in Animation and Multimedia2 Years
M.A. Animation and Multimedia2 Years
B.Des - Animation and Multimedia3 Years

Top Animation & Multimedia Colleges

Job Opportunities in Animation & Multimedia

After doing Animation & multimedia courses, you won't be having any problem in finding a suitable job. As this sector is still developing, there is going to huge demand in the coming 4-5 years. The starting salary totally depends on your personal caliber & knowledge of the subject. You can expect an approx 20-25k salary per month after doing the degree course of three years.

5) Mass Communication Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

As the word suggests, Mass communication course is the in-depth study of how should we communicate to masses about our product & services. Due to the rapid change in communication technology, communication mediums are also changing & evolving very fast. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp such as application to communicate & connect professionally & personally. In Mass communication courses students learn skills of communicating better & effectively manner. Mass communication creates multiple job avenues after 12th for Arts & Commerce students. There are many courses in which students can take admission & direct their career into a successful path.

Course NameDuration
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)3 Years
B A in Journalism and Mass Communication3 Years
M.A. Mass Communication2 Years
B.A. Mass Communication3 Years
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication2 Years
BMC -Bachelor of Mass Communication3 Years

Top Mass Communication Colleges

Job Opportunities in Mass Communication

In the last 5 years, there is phenomenal growth in communication mediums. Print & electronics mediums are growing faster. Every corporation is trying to communicate better, faster and in an effective manner with its target audience. In this field, a student can earn up to 50k to 1 lakh PA. This rapid changes creating a lot of job opportunities for the young generation in Mass Communication. There are many profiles in advertising, Public relations, content writing, Publishing, which students can choose after doing mass communication courses.

Top 6 Career options in commerce without maths after 12th

Many courses are available that help students to understand their choice according to the subjects in the qualifying exam. Commerce students, whether they have mathematics with commerce or not can go for a diploma, degree, and certificate courses in the commerce field.

These are the list of few courses in commerce field-

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
LLB (Bachelor of Law)
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
B.A. - Bachelor of Arts

Details Of Best Colleges for Commerce without Maths after 12th

Top Colleges For Commerce Courses Without Maths After 12th

Top Entrance Exams after 12th Commerce without Maths

  • CS (Company Secretary)- ICSI Company Secretaries
  • CA (Chartered Accountant)- ICAI Chartered Accountant Exam
  • ICMAI Cost Accountant Entrance Exam
  • Delhi University Department of commerce Entrance examination
  • Patna Women’s College B.Com Entrance Exam (PUCET)

Career & Scope

Job Profiles After 12th Commerce Courses Without Maths

Here we mention the commerce without maths scope. After completing their education in the above-mentioned courses, one can join the government or private firm as

  • Managers
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management executives
  • Bankers etc.

Commerce without Maths Job Sectors

The study of commerce provides a platform for many career opportunities in different fields. Here check the list of careers in commerce without maths-

  1. Financial Services (Financial advisor)
  2. Law Firms (Co-operative lawyer)
  3. Hotel Management (Hotel Manager, Chef, Etc.)
  4. Accounting (Accountant)

Government services (Bank P.O, Hr in ONGC, etc.). One can even set their own startup and can work as an entrepreneur.

Average Salary

After complete courses, the student can earn up to around 50K to 5 Lakh PA.  Students can choose according to your stream and field. 




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